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The Enchanted Viking started from our kitchen at home in Cumbernauld, Scotland and we are still producing each and every wax melt by hand today !

We are a family run business and our mission is to produce lots of Waxy Goodness. 

To ensure the best quality we only use rapeseed and coconut in all of the product range. This is vegan and biodegradable whilst maintains strong scent and vibrant colours. 

Just ONE segment from our bars typically give 12-18 hours of scent . Our snapbars are known for their highest quality scents & are stronger and last longer than other leading brands.

Hand poured in small batches to ensure the best quality we also use the largest fragrance ratio legally allowed to provide strong scented wax melts for your enjoyment

The range continues to grow with Snap Bars, Tester Boxes, Starter Boxes, Wax Melt Burners and much more

Have you ever noticed how a scent can change an atmosphere bringing back old memories, but most importantly, creating new ones? We have a Wide Range Of Scents ,Clamshells , Bars, and Wax Burners.

"Nothing triggers a memory better than a scent"

Stacey & Luke


CLP Compliant and Insured

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Please Note:

There may be slight changes to colour of our products this is due to them being handmade and not mass produced.